What we are not.

The decision which martial arts system to enroll in is more often a process borne not out of a specific product“need state”, but in most cases out of capriciousness, band wagon mentality, machismo, acquisition of certificates and ranks and crass commercialism. We accept individuals who love stick fighting, no more, no less. Estokada de Campo presents a curriculum that does not fit all sizes, persuasions and physical attributes.

Estokada deCampo, does not preach character building and spiritual enlightenment, we are not a self-help group. If that’s what you’re looking for, no problem, read Deepak Chopra. We are not a Jollibee value meal, “fried chicken with Coke and French fries”. We specialize in largo mano (long range) with impact weapons. No more, no less. If you’re looking for knife fighting, visit the Bilibid Penitentiary. If you’re looking for Dumog, enroll in BJJ.

We do not guarantee trainees to become fierce invincible fighters. If you want to become one go to a boot camp, join Marines or the Army Scout Rangers. It is not weekend warrior course. The centerpiece of the course is SPARRING. We have no uniforms, you can come in any comfortable attire, flip flops are acceptable and nothing too risqué. Commando wannabe attires like cammos, military boots and berets, is a sign of mental illness, you will be rejected. One thing, try not to be an asshole.

The logo is a black shama, an endangered bird endemic to Cebu. It looks better than a cockroach.